Manifesto - Darcy Monchak
Takakkaw Falls

My photography is primarily about being in more seldom photographed wild areas, with an emphasis on promotion and awareness of the value of the natural world


The Mountains Are Calling, Wander In Them

Live And Work Among the Trees, Share Stories

See In New Ways, Seek Sanctuary As Required

• Keep Informed about the plants, animals, regulations and policies wherever I photograph.

• Be forthcoming about post-processing / don't represent photographs as something they are not.

Usually keep my photography, including digital darkroom alterations, true to the natural world.  When exceptions to this occur, see the above item.

• Aim for authenticity by photographing plants and animals in their natural habitat engaging in their normal behaviours.

• Avoid negatively influencing an animals behaviour or doing something that puts the animal in danger.

• Avoid photographing wildlife if they exhibit distress, and during times of physical strain.

• Refrain from baiting (including sound baiting), or placing attractants to entice wildlife or influence their behaviour.

• Avoid trampling vegetated areas. Keep rare species safe and intact by not broadcasting the location of a fragile area, plant or animal.

• Not knowingly step onto private property without permission.

• Use social media ethically (eg. no follow - then unfollow), and promote other photographers who exhibit ethics). 


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