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Yoho Park Fall Photography Tour & Workshop - September 28 to 30th, 2018

6 Spots Left

Mount Burgess and reflection in the Emerald Lake floodplain, Yoho Park, Canadian Rockies

Now accepting registrations!  Fall is a great time to seek out photo opportunities in this park. It is a lot quieter than in summer, and the light and weather tends to add drama to what is already an outstanding landscape. This fun nature (mostly landscape) workshop/tour is intended only for residents of the upper Columbia Valley - and for those with a beginner to intermediate level of photography experience. We will ensure that everyone learns at their own speed, and develops an increased knowledge about their photography equipment and personal vision. We start on Friday evening, September 28 with a meet and greet photography discussion at the D2 Studio Gallery in Golden. On Saturday, September 29 we will be in Yoho Park for a full day of photography. On Sunday we will meet again at the D2 Gallery for about 4 hours to review images and make your print. Each participant can schedule a 2 hour session with Darcy weeks before the workshop, to go over your camera's settings.

# of Participants:  Minimum = 4, Maximum = 6

Cost: You have two options, both include tax and afternoon lunch at Emerald Lake.

Option 1 = $325 (includes you participating in making a 12" x 18" print of an image you take on Saturday)

Option 2 = $295 (no print)

Registration Deadline is at noon on Friday,  September 14th - register as early as you can to reserve your spot! 

Payment Options

Cancellation Policy: If you cancel your registration, we will give full refunds up to 10 days before the workshop, minus a $100 administration fee. No refunds are given if you cancel less than 10 days before the workshop commences.  If we have to cancel the workshop due to not getting the minimum # of participants, full refunds including the admin fee will occur.


Our goal is to make sure participants get the best photographs possible, and learn about camera settings, composition and personal vision.

Day 1, Friday September 28th 6:30 pm to 9 pm - We will meet at the D2 studio gallery, located 5 km south of Golden. Participants will get to know each other, followed by a presentation / discussion regarding key camera settings and options. We will also have time to discuss what to expect during the next full day of photography explorations. We will also require you to read and sign a standard waiver form.

Day 2, Saturday September 29th 10 am to 9 pm - We will carpool out of Golden by 9 am, arriving at the Natural Bridge area of Yoho Park for morning shooting. We will then travel to Emerald Lake, where we will continue discussion regarding camera functions and composition. At around 2 pm we will convene at the Emerald Lake lodge for a pre-arranged meal, after which we will hike to the far end of the lake for each participant to seek out their own individual locations for what we hope to be spectacular evening of photography. Last light is at about 8 pm, so we will likely not get back to the Emerald Lake parking lot before 830 pm, to then drive back to Golden.

Day 3 - Sunday September 30th Noon to 4 pm - We will meet at the D2 studio gallery to discuss what we have learned and take the opportunity, where desired, to discuss each other's images. We will also discuss image storage and editing basics, as well as make prints for those who chose this option in your registration.

Note on Weather: We are mountain people, so know that temperatures can be a bit cold in early October. Participants should dress accordingly for the weather. As well, although we often have extended periods of great weather for photography at this time of year, such weather cannot be guaranteed during the workshop timeframe. We will use this all to our advantage, as some of the most wonderful images can arrive out of the most surprising conditions. Please expect to have fun and look forward to developing contacts with other photographers.

Hiker watching evening unfold at The Natural Bridge, Yoho Park, Canadian Rockies
Canoes at Emerald Lake, Canadian Rockies

What to Bring:

To get the most out of this workshop, you should have a Digital SLR Camera. Please ensure your camera battery is fully charged, and bring a spare battery if you have one. Also bring along the manual for your camera. - Bring every lens that you have, especially wide angles. - A tripod is recommended, as we will likely be using long exposures which require slower shutter speeds. -Although a late lunch is included on Saturday, please bring food and water for the rest of the day. Transportation is not included - we will try and carpool to locations This is an outdoor nature photo workshop / tour, so general good health and fitness will help maximize your comfort and enjoyment. That said, there is no strenuous physical activity planned, and the total walking distance should be less than 8 km on level ground. Every participant must complete and sign a standard liability waiver form before participating in this workshop. In the event we have to cancel a workshop, participants will be given the option to reschedule to a later date or receive a full refund. We are not, however, liable for expenses incurred such as airfare or accommodations. Please give us a call at 250 344-2156 or e-mail us at studio@onesparrowimages.com if you have any questions.

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