Choosing the Right Print

Below you will find size examples to help you select the right print size for your walls.

Collage Print sizingCollage Print sizing

Deciding on which image looks best and fits in your space can be difficult.  Every space and every one’s approach to décor is different, and each image gives a different ambiance.  To assist with this decision I offer a free online digital assessment for you to see how my art will look on your own wall.  I can overlay my artwork onto a digital photo that you provide me of your wall, allowing me to try a variety of images of your choice. 

If you would like such a free custom mock-up using an actual image of your room and the piece of artwork you might like to purchase, please contact me and I can create that for you, as follows:

  1. Email me using the contact link on this website menu.  I will then send you a specific email address for you to send me the below information.
  2. Take a digital photo of the wall space that you wish to have your image in.  Make sure that you are taking the image straight on or at right angles to the wall.  If possible, include any furniture items that will be below or next to the print.
  3. Measure the width and height of the largest piece of furniture or decor in you image. 
  4. Decide which image(s) on my web site that you are interested in placing in this space, along with your initial size choice.
  5. Send all the information in 2) to 4) above to the specific email address that I have sent you in 1) above.

I will then prepare and email you a digital mock-up of you image choice(s) in your space for you to evaluate.  Note that we can do various iterations of this until you are confident in your final choice.

Remember that the type of lighting that shines on your wall can affect the look of your print.  Direct sunlight on you artwork will create glare and reflection, especially with glossy prints. 

Corporate / Commercial Print Orders

Please contact me if you would like to explore the option of having my artwork on your walls.  We can then have an indepth conversation of your needs and project objectives.  I will then work up a list of options for your consideration, including cost and print pieces.

I would be honored to provide these services to you and to have you hang my fine art landscape and nature photography artwork on your walls.


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