Promote awareness of the value of the natural world


The Mountains Are Calling, Wander In Them





• Keep Informed about the plants, animals, regulations and policies wherever I photograph

• Be forthcoming about post-processing / don't represent photographs as something they are not

Usually keep the photography, including digital darkroom alterations, true to the natural world

• Photograph plants and animals in their natural habitat engaging in normal behaviour

• Avoid negatively influencing an animals behaviour or doing something that puts the animal in danger

• Avoid photographing wildlife if they exhibit distress, and during times of physical strain

• Zero baiting (including sound baiting), or placing attractants to entice wildlife or influence their behaviour

• Avoid trampling vegetation. Keep rare species safe by not broadcasting locations

• Not knowingly enter private property without permission

• Use social media ethically, promote other photographers who exhibit ethics

• Donate at least 10 % of profits from sales to promote wise use of natural values

• Minimize air travel due to global warming, stay in my home range

“Find your place on the planet. Dig in, and take responsibility from there.” - Gary Snyder

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