Healing Feathers by Dawna-Lea
Recently our incredibly wonderful furry companion of 13 years died in my arms. An immense sadness and vacancy filled my life. I turned to my art, and thankfully I was able to fill many waking hours immersed in creativity. This collection of feather art pieces is the result.

This exhibit is currently showing until June 4th at the Art Gallery of Golden. During this time, 30 % of print sale proceeds will go to the Golden Art Community.
Professionally made prints are available in 3 different sizes in either Fine Art Paper or Stretched Canvas.
Loon FeathersHummingbird FeathersSnowy Owl FeathersShorebird FeathersNuthatch FeathersPygmy Owl FeathersP107_11x304-Elements Feathers I4-Elements Feathers II4-Elements Feathers III

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