Metal Prints - ready to hang

These Metal Prints showcase a revolutionary new medium that is highly durable, water/weather resistant, ultra scratch-resistant, easy to clean, and cannot be peeled off the surface. The image is infused onto a HD aluminum panel with a dye sublimation process and then specially coated with a protective finish. It is more durable than traditional unprotected mediums. The prints have incredible detail and luminescence, and create the illusion of floating from the wall with a minimalist, contemporary look.  Truly archival works of art. 

Your metal print comes ready to hang on a floating wall mount. There is a recessed frame on the back of the print which is approximately 1” deep.  This allows you're print to appear as if it is floating off the wall without the back frame being visible.  There is standard picture wire attached to the frame so you hang it just like you would any other picture.  Each print can be easily cleaned with glass cleaner.

Two metal surfaces are available - a glossy surface and a semi-gloss satin surface with similar color intensity and detail as the glossy option, with reduced glare. While there is is a reflective nature to the gloss finish, it is nowhere near as reflective as a framed print under glass and is similar to that of face-mount to acrylic print.  Semi-gloss also produces great colour and depth with reduced reflectivity and is better if reflection is a concern, and you want a more subtle look.

ChromaLuxe (the brand we use) metal photo prints were tested by Wilhelm Imaging Research and achieved a permanence rating of more than 60 years.  Which means you will not see any fading or changes in colour for a very long time!  This rating is more than three times better than traditional silver halide photo papers.

Remember that the type of lighting that shines on your wall can affect the look of your print.  Direct sunlight on you artwork will create glare and reflection, especially with glossy prints.