New Year's Dogtooth Range Gallery Sale!

Prices listed in this gallery have been discounted THIRTY (30) % on paper prints until January 15th, 2024. Taxes and shipping are already included in the price.

Every year I attempt to get images of our Dogtooth Range in winter, especially when there is a full moon over the peaks. I tried again today (Boxing Day) but the clouds arrived and so there I was waiting, this time south of Nicholson, with nothing to show for it. I will try again tomorrow while the moon is still fullish and low on the morning horizon. However, here's a few images from previous years for you to choose from, if you wish! Any questions, please send me an email.
Supermoon Over The Dogtooth Range, golden, BCPurcell Mountains Full Moon, Golden, B.C.Grinch HabitatHolt Repeater MoonDogtooth Star TrailsPurcell Morning BrillianceMoon Over The Purcells

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