Paper Prints - frame it yourself

Lustre paper offers the vibrant colors of glossy with a fingerprint-resistant matte finish. Lustre has a slight gloss with a subtle, often pearl-like, texture. Lustre paper has noticeably less glare than glossy.

Fine Art paper is a heavier paper with a subtle texture. This acid-free paper is 100% cotton fiber. Due to the stunning colors and matte finish, your printed photos will have a softer look.


Please note that once you receive the print, you will need to be extremely careful with your method of handling the artwork so it is not damaged.  Unfortunately, I cannot replace artwork that is damaged due to poor handling upon receipt.

If you wish us to look into framing a print for you at our printer. please contact us before placing your order.

Before you buy, make sure you have fully considered the lighting environment your artwork will be displayed in. It's important to note that if you have your brightness on your monitor turned all the way up, it will make photographs appear much brighter than they actually are in real life.