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Capturing images of Canadian wildlife in their habitat.
Professionally made prints are available in 6 different sizes and 4 different mediums.

The privilege of spending time with these creatures, in a wild landscape, cannot be overrated. There is an urgency to ensure that these habitats are maintained if only for each species own right to exist.
After the StormWilderness WandererFirst To JumpLife ForceMountain Goat TraverseGrizzly At Bow LakeTonquin TrilogyGrizzly BathtubWolverine At Numa PassBighorn Sprites and Mt AthabascaGeese in SnowfallColumbia Icefield BighornsMergansers and Mt BurgessBighorns Above The AthabascaGrizzly Bear FamilyApproaching The IcefieldDipper at OpabinMountain Goats At Reef IcefieldBighorn TraverseBighorn Spring

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